10 Games Like Tetris You Can Play Online for Free (2024)

Many people consider Tetris to be the perfect video game. A version of the game is available for nearly every games console, handheld, and operating system in existence, plus other devices like calculators.

There are also plenty of other games like Tetris, with developers taking the successful formula and attempting to make it their own. And a lot of these Tetris games can be played online in your web browser.

So, here are the best games like Tetris you can play for free online...

1. Tetris.com

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What better place to start than the official online home of Tetris? This version, hosted by The Tetris Company, offers a clean and simple version of Tetris. You can control it using a keyboard or mouse, and the game offers customizable controls and a few options to personalize your experience.

It's nothing fancy, but it's nice to know you're playing the genuine version instead of a Tetris knockoff.

2. Tetris Gems

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The official Tetris site also has a variant on the classic game available. In Tetris Gems, you start with a few layers of rock at the bottom of the board. When you clear a line, instead of the entire row disappearing at once, it turns into 10 individual blocks and drops down.

These pieces can clear more lines below, creating huge combos. As you clear through the rock, you'll unearth gems that provide you with useful bonuses. It's just different enough to give Tetris fans something fresh to enjoy without killing the spirit of the original.

3. Tetris N-BLOX

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This version offers a similar experience to the official Tetris site, with a few small differences. It doesn't support mouse controls, you can't hold a piece, and you can only see one upcoming tetromino instead of three.

In addition, piece "lockdown" occurs almost instantly, so you can't juggle a block when it reaches the stack. All of these differences make it more akin to classic Tetris, such the NES version, than more modern variants.

4. First-Person Tetris

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So far, we've looked at relatively normal Tetris games, but this Tetris-like game adds an additional layer of challenge. It puts your view in front of a TV playing Tetris, but the twist is that when you rotate a block, the entire screen rotates with it.

It's tough to keep track of where you block will end up with your view spinning around. If you want to make it even more challenge, enable Light Out on the menu to make everything but the blocks dark. In Crisis will zoom in on your block, making it hard to see anything else.

5. Tetris 3D

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Another Tetris-like puzzle game, Tetris 3D changes up the rules a little. Instead of a 2D board, you'll need to navigate pieces around a circle. Once you fill a complete line of 15 blocks, it will disappear just like in regular Tetris. Unlike most Tetris games, this also starts you with some blocks already on the field.

You can choose from Classic, Time Track, and Leveller modes. While it's not much to look at, you'll definitely have some fun here.

6. Mario Tetris

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If Super Mario Bros. was turned into a Tetris-type game, this would be the result. In it, you switch between controlling Mario in standard platformer fashion and using Lakitu to drop blocks in a Tetris-like setup.

You'll need to use blocks wisely, both to clear walls from Mario's path and create platforms for him to use. Be aware, though, because enemies can still hit Mario when you're playing Tetris!

Unfortunately, Mario Tetris is a Flash game. Since Flash is disappearing, you should learn how to download Flash games to play offline. Allowing you to keep titles such as this one around after it has gone.

7. TenTrix

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If you like the idea of Tetris but prefer something slower-paced, this off-brand Tetris offering is for you. Instead of pieces dropping automatically, you must drag blocks that appear in groups of three onto a 10x10 board.

A complete row will disappear once filled, but if you can't place a block anywhere then it's game over. TenTrix features some pieces that are different from the standard tetrominoes, so you'll need to work wisely to avoid boxing yourself out.

8. Jstris

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This site has a lot to offer for Tetris fans. In particular, it's one of the best ways to play multiplayer Tetris online for free. When you first visit the site, it throws you into a live game with other players. Since there's no ranking system, you could be up against beginners or hardcore experts.

This multiplayer match allows you to send garbage to your opponents by clearing multiple lines at once. If you want to play a different mode, Jstris has lots to offer in both single-player and multiplayer flavors. Have a look at the Jstris Guide for an explanation of what's on offer here.

9. Blockout

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Blockout is a classic game like Tetris that plays in three dimensions. You'll need to direct pieces and rotate them along all three axes as they drop from the top of the screen. A layer will disappear when completely filled in.

If you feel you've mastered regular Tetris and want to add another dimension, this is a great way to challenge yourself. The DOS version is available to emulate online, as well as an authorized remake titled Blockout II that's free to download.

10. Worldwide Combos

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Looking for a more competitive Tetris experience? This Tetris clone tasks you with going on-on-one against an opponent. Your goal is to knock out your opponent (by stacking their blocks to the top) more times than they do to you.

It's newer than Jstris so there aren't as many players, but it also features a ranking system to ensure you play against people who are close to your skill level. You'll need to create a free account to make the most of it, but it's worth it if you're looking to improve at Tetris.

What's Your Favorite Tetris Game?

In this article we've looked at several free online versions of Tetris, some traditional and some quite different. Unfortunately, the once-popular Tetris Friends is no longer around, and many Tetris-type games require Flash, which is on its way out. However, these games like Tetris should keep fans of the classic puzzler happy.

For more like this, check out our list of the best puzzle games to play in your browser.

10 Games Like Tetris You Can Play Online for Free (2024)


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