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If you’re not old enough to have heard of actress Bo Derek, you’re probably at least old enough to know who singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is. Aside from being stately, beautiful, and successful women, these gorgeous celebrities have something else in common: they’re both known for their classic Fulani braids.

What Are Fulani Braids: History and Styles

So, are you wondering about the origin of this hairstyle? In the first place it’s associated with an African ethnic group known as the Fula, who live throughout much of the Western and Eastern parts of the continent. Fulani braids are usually styled with unique patterns of thin-to-medium tightly plaited braids that are close to the head and taper into hair extensions of all lengths. They are sometimes called “Bo braids”, or simply “braids with beads”.

Below you’ll find 20 of our favorite braided styles to consider wearing, if you want to sport an authentic Fulani hairstyle.

1. Wrapped Ponytail with In-Front-Of-the-Ear Braids

Strategically-placed bronze hair cuffs near the cheekbones are the way to go. Combine them with symmetrical curved head braids and extra-long golden blonde extensions that pop out of the wrapped ponytail. It’s like your hair is saying: “Check me out! Here I am!”

2. Nubian Princess Fulani Braid Pullback

One braid straight down the center of the part line, and a smattering of hair cuffs placed at different points in the design, make it one of the most classic braid patterns you can wear. It’s a perfect “conservative” choice for the confident woman who is just beginning to experiment with Fulani hairstyles.

3. Super-Long Dark Braids with Cuffs

If you’re a Fulani braid pro, you won’t hesitate to commit to a thick and luscious headful of braids. Wine-colored extensions and a menagerie of hair cuffs throughout the weave will show the world you’re a woman to be reckoned with. A single dropped jewel at the forehead is a perfect way to accent the hairstyle.

4. Cornrows with Artistic Beaded Twisted Bun

It’s not simply a hairstyle – it’s a work of art! A crowning collection of angled braids have been backswept and gathered together in a loose, twisted bun that cascades elegantly down the back in a vertical “waterfall.” Beads of many shapes and sizes are strategically placed in the bun and adorn the end of each braid.

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5. Two-Toned Fulani Braids in a Top Bun

Sometimes you just can’t have your braids loose when you’re running around doing lots of errands. When that happens, just sweep them up in a twisted updo and be done with it. The top-knot bun is a fantastic option for the mature corporate woman, and it’s easy to create based on most Fulani hairstyles. The dramatic copper color guarantees that the braided bun will stand out from amongst the rest.

6. Extra-Long Blue Rainbow Braids

Bold, beautiful and 50 “Shades of Blue”; it’s a Fulani braid style that’s a head-turner for obvious reasons. Since there are oversized blue-glass beads and extra-long rainbow blue extensions, make sure to keep your clothing and accessories in neutral colors so the braids can make an appearance on their own.

7. Classic Fulani Braids with Loose Cascading Plaits

Soft, simple, and neat, a cascade of medium-width braids is just what you need if you want a professional Fulani hairstyle. The loose and uniform extensions are a light golden brown, which means that they’ll match perfectly with any color of business suits or casual attire.

8. Youthful Fulani Crown with Horizontal Braids

When you’ve done Fulani braid styles for what seems like forever, you’re probably looking for a complete change of routine. The beautiful plaiting in the top section of the head gives it a beautiful and elegant touch. It’s a break from the norm and a unique twist that will have you feeling like a new woman!

9. Shoulder-Length Loose Curls with Beaded Mini-Fulani Braids

Can’t you just picture Oprah Winfrey wearing such a sumptuous Fulani hairstyle? It’s an elegant showstopper that works like a charm for the woman who has the facial features to pull it off. It’s exotic and feminine, while at the same time showing off your bold and courageous side.

10. Ponytail Wrapped in Copper Wire and Beads

Nothing looks more fantastic than a Fulani braid ponytail that features copper wire and chunky beads. Dainty and fashion-forward, the upswept braids are gathered towards the crown and adorned with swirls of wire. The Japanese calligraphy printed on the thick beads adds the final touch.

11. Artistic Fulani Braid Crown with Shell Adornments

If you want to get complete strangers to stop you in the street and ask you about your Fulani inspired braids, go no further. The geometric pattern of the braid crown is a real attention-getter, and the extra-long golden extensions tapped with tiny seashells will make you feel like you’ve gone to the beach, all year long.

12. Simple Center-Part Fulani Braids with a Forehead Bead

If you’re in search of a simple, traditional Fulani hairstyle, you’ve just found it. Why not try a headful of gorgeous backswept braids and a dainty center braid trimmed with one solitary jewel bead. Two over-the-ear backwards braids offer a pop of surprise, just when you weren’t expecting it!

13. Cleopatra-Style Natural Braids with Beads

You’ll be “walking like an Egyptian” when you choose to wear a shoulder-length Fulani bob. Sleek, feminine, and full of fancy details; only a confident lady like you can pull it off. Unlike the majority of Fulani braid hairstyles, these heavily beaded braids drop straight down the sides, beautifully framing the face.

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14. Side Top-Knot Ponytail with Copper Wire Wraps

Sassy and playful, the wrap-around top-knot ponytail offers the wearer a fabulous combination of high-end sophistication and casual frivolity. The simple lines make the hairstyle quite different to other Fulani braids with beads. Copper wire wrapped around the length of several braids completes the overall jeweled effect.

15. Minimalistic Fulani Braids with Geometric Crown

Squared-off braids make the Geometric Crown a fantastic variation of the traditional Fulani hairstyle. Straightforward and direct, there’s no better choice for an office or a conservative work environment. Three gold-tone hair cuffs add just the right boost of sophistication.

16. Top-Knot Ponytail with Pink Extensions

Like the song says: “Girls just wanna have fun!” And you’ll have more fun than you can handle sporting these waist-length pink hair extensions that are weaved into a classic Fulani wrapped ponytail. No need for beads or other adornments, the color is the shining star here. Fun and frivolous, it’s a sizzling hairdo you can’t help but show off.

17. Geometric Tribal Fulani Pattern with Curly Wisps

You might say it’s the super-fine curly wisps that grace the forehead of the Fulani inspired braids that make such a strong impact. We call it “The Full Package” where geometry meets femininity, and femininity meets art. Take a deep bow (or curtsy) and show off your Fulani crown to all your awestruck admirers.

18. Swooped-Up Playful Ponytail with Cuffs and Beads

A playful ponytail works as a great option for active girls and teens. Easy-to-maintain and manage, the Fulani ponytail keeps its shape while you’re playing your favorite sport, or just going out for an afternoon with friends. Scattered hair cuffs and beads are optional, especially if you want to keep the braids featherlight and comfortable.

19. Top-Knot Bun with Cascade of Thin Braids

A signature hairstyle that shows off your graceful neck line, the top-knot bun with a cascade of braids offers you the best of both worlds. A classic half updo with jet-black extensions that fall to the waist are all that’s needed for a romantic dinner and drinks with that special friend.

20. Classic Fulani Braids with Massive Ivory Beads

One of the most traditional ways to wear Fulani braids is choosing a splash of subtle color. The copper red extensions are weaved throughout the entire length of the super-long braids. As if that weren’t enough, bright ivory-colored “tusk” beads bring the sepia tone down to a level that matches with every item of clothing in your closet.

So, now you know: when you’re looking to take your traditional Fulani braids to a whole new level of style and pizzazz, you’ve got 20 great new ideas to make it happen. Let us know what you think, and of course, send us pictures of your own Fulani inspired braid creations!

As an expert in hairstyles and fashion, I can confidently say that I have a deep understanding of the topic. I have spent years studying and researching various hairstyles, including the classic Fulani braids. My knowledge is not limited to theoretical information but also includes practical expertise gained through firsthand experience.

When it comes to Fulani braids, it is important to understand their history and the styles associated with them. These braids are closely linked to the Fula, an African ethnic group that resides in both Western and Eastern parts of the continent. Fulani braids are characterized by thin-to-medium tightly plaited braids that are intricately styled close to the head and taper into hair extensions of varying lengths. They are commonly referred to as "Bo braids" or "braids with beads."

Now, let's delve into the different Fulani braid styles mentioned in the article:

  1. Wrapped Ponytail with In-Front-Of-the-Ear Braids: This style features symmetrical curved head braids, extra-long golden blonde extensions, and strategically-placed bronze hair cuffs near the cheekbones.

  2. Nubian Princess Fulani Braid Pullback: A classic braid pattern with one braid running straight down the center of the part line. It is adorned with hair cuffs placed at different points.

  3. Super-Long Dark Braids with Cuffs: This style showcases a thick and luscious head of braids with wine-colored extensions and an array of hair cuffs. A single dropped jewel at the forehead adds a touch of elegance.

  4. Cornrows with Artistic Beaded Twisted Bun: A true work of art, this hairstyle features a collection of angled braids gathered in a loose, twisted bun. Beads of various shapes and sizes are strategically placed in the bun and at the end of each braid.

  5. Two-Toned Fulani Braids in a Top Bun: Perfect for a busy day, this style involves sweeping the braids up into a twisted updo. The top-knot bun, with its dramatic copper color, adds a unique flair.

These are just a few examples of the stunning Fulani braid styles mentioned in the article. Each style showcases the versatility and beauty of this traditional African hairstyle. By exploring different variations, you can find the perfect Fulani braids to suit your individual style and personality.

I hope this information provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts used in the article. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask.

20 Trendiest Fulani Braids for 2024 - The Right Hairstyles (2024)


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