Maangchi’s Cheese Buldak (Fire Chicken) Recipe (2024)



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Here's the link to the video by the way since Sam "forgot" to do it:


some of us enjoy spicy food and aren't hurt by it. it's no obsession, tho there are those that are just in it for the pain -trying to outdo one another on the scoville scale - but that's neither here nor there. this is not the first time sam has used the word "fiery" as a misplaced buzzword, including describing dishes containing only mustard or black pepper. to wit, gochujang ranks at only 1000 scoville units, one step above a bell pepper (and you can buy it even more mild). a jalapeno is 3500.


This was easy and great. The gochujang was even available at my regular grocery, but I could not find the Korean pepper flakes even at the Asian groceries near me so I used a tablespoon of red pepper flakes and it worked great. I know its kinda lame to leave a review if you've changed the recipe a bit, but this was so good over rice that I thought others should give it a go even if they can't find the gochugaru. Oh, and I didn't have ginger so I used ginger ale instead. Haha. Just kidding! :0)


Sadly made this for the first time on election night in 2016. It was delicious, but I can never eat it again.


This. Was. amazing. I don't leave comments very often, but this was thoroughly worth tracking down the red pepper ingredients. Smoke and spice, but not a lot of heat and really delightful. Served over both rice and blanched broccoli.


Loved this recipe. I only had the paste and not the flakes pepper so I substituted 1/2 tablespoon red pepper flakes. Turned out perfectly spicey...good heat but not painful. Paired with coconut rice and a cucumber salad. Will make again for sure.


We made this as written 2 days ago. I put in less of the pepper flakes than in the recipe. Overall we really liked the dish though I found the sauce a bit sweet. I just remade it using 1/3 pack tofu (what I had left in the fridge) and a cup or so of cut up cauliflower florets instead of the chicken. I reduced the sugar to one tablespoon. I thought the tofu and cauliflower worked very well in the dish.

Jeremy Kirk

Substituted gnocchi for the rice cakes. Wonderful.

Greg EQ

Well, Mr. Sifton made such a compelling case to make this, even in the midst of a nasty summer bronchitis cold, I pushed through.Subs: Chicken tenders, straight Badia crushed redpepper, sambal oelek and chopped cucumber and Vidalia onion for the scallions.Wow...any semblence of congestion quickly disappeared, the dish was stunning with heat and the sweetness and cheese did balance it a little.The bonus was today cold for breakfast where everything tempered a bit...couldn't get enough. Thanks

I wanted to like this but I was disappointed.

I got the pepper products at Amazon and was excited to try this. First of all the dish is gorgeous...the brick red sauce with white slightly browned mozzarella in a well seasoned cast iron pan makes a very pretty, appetizing picture. I found this dish to be oddly tasteless. Sure it is hot. The heat is tempered with the sweetness of brown sugar and the creamy fattiness of the cheese. But sweet heat is not enough. This dish needs a savory, salty, umami element that I think is sadly absent.

Christy P.

When I ate this in Korea last year there were corn kernels mixed in with the chicken and sauce. When I made it at home I added half a bag of frozen corn, and it tasted just like it did in Korea.


everyone should watch this! sam did link it in the article but i agree it should be in the headnotes here as well. it actually addresses most of the questions in comments so far, as well as being a great visual aid. (reduce the pepper flakes if you want it less spicy, use shrimp or whatever you like instead of chicken, the cheese is optional, use rice syrup, etc.)


I took a reviewer's advice and made this with vegetables and no cheese. It was fabulous, quick, easy and only one pan to clean. The sauce was delicious; spicy enough and a little sweet. The chicken was juicy and tender. I used bok choy and diagonally sliced carrots, however I expect a wide variety of veggies would work. I'm not opposed to the cheese version, but glad that we tried it without.


Have made this dish twice, as written, and we can’t get enough. It has every variation of sweet and hot and crunchy (thanks, rice cakes!) that one craves from guilty take-out. Here in Anchorage I live two blocks from a fresh rice cake bakery and am now addicted. The colors, flavors and mouth feel are crazy delicious. We read the cheese vs no cheese debate, and for us decided the mozzarella was a “go” after trying both ways. If undecided, just add to half :)


Korean red pepper flakes are milder than most others, so maybe just use less of whatever you have. Adjust to your own taste.I can't think of a good sub for gochugaru. Maybe a different Asian red chili paste, and then play with the spices to get a flavor you like. It won't be just like this, but if you like it, then it's good!

Unbelievably Spicy

Maybe I got the extra spicy Korean pepper flakes, it was covered in Korean letters so I don't know. But, my God, this was super spicy. Like, up there with the spiciest hot wings I've ever had. Also, don't fail to slice those rice cakes or else they won't cook through. Don't worry about getting flavored ones since you'll just throw the flavor pouch away.


Prepared just as directed and it was delicious! The two of us nearly scarfed the whole thing down. Will perhaps double, next time.


Excellent and easy. Followed recipe except cooked in cast iron skillet on grill w/ wood chips.


Delicious! Now a staple in our house. I don’t have gochugaru on hand, so I just leave that out, and it’s still plenty spicy for us. My main note is that if you’re using chicken that’s injected with water: omit the 1/4 cup water added to the pan even if it seems too thick. The chicken I have available releases so much water that I have to spend extra time cooking with the lid off to get the sauce back down to the right thickness. Sometimes we add cauliflower for a “one pot meal”.


Wanted to cut down for a 10 inch pan, so used 6 eggs, 105 grams flour, a little over 1/2 milk, and a scant 1/2 tsp salt and pepper. It turned out SO good; the Parmesan forms a crispy crust in the oven that was delightful. There are only two of us on this lovely Sunday morning and we are now groaning from trying to finish the whole thing in a sitting!


There are a lot of 5 star reviews here. I'm not sure why. This tastes ok - nothing great. If I'd ordered this in a restaurant I wouldn't send it back but I wouldn't order it again either.

George P

My wife doesn't like spicey but we love this. The spice is very subtle and fades quickly. It has become our "goto". Quick and easy and just different enough to shake up the week.


This is an excellent recipe. Very easy to make, came together really quick and it’s absolutely delicious. I wanted to make it a littler spicier and added a bit of cayenne powder. Perfect for a weeknight dinner. I served it with rice and blanched broccoli like another note suggested.

Diane S

Everyone gave it 5 stars, only change was adding half tsp Momof*cku chili crunch for extra heat. The rice cakes I found at a Korean rice cake store were fresh and less than a half inch diameter. I sliced them up thinking it could not work well... they had the look/texture of mini-marshmallows. They took longer than expected to brown, but came out perfect, crispy/chewy, definitely worth it. We were all skeptical of the cheese topping but again, all agreed it was perfect - browned nicely.


Fabulous, nice and spicy, bit more than that, delicious dish.


Maangchi forever!!!

California Dave

This is a terrific dish, but we definitely prefer to skip the cheese and rice cakes, which weigh it down and don’t add much, if anything, to the flavor. We also use a little less oil. The gochugaru can be a bit spicy for some, but that’s easily adjustable. (I do understand that spiciness is one of the key points of this dish.)


Made the s for the second time and used half the pepper flakes and half the pepper paste. This made just the right kick for us. We also felt the cheese didn't add anything, so this time I instead served the chicken over rice with a drizzle of a yogurt sauce I made the other day. My husband claims this is now his favorite meal.


Very tasty, and easy. Followed recipe exactly, except served it with ramen noodles rather than rice cakes, and omitted pepper flakes as the gochujang I found was labelled "hot." (It was only mildly hot). The cheese is a nice addition. Will definitely make again.


I was able to find gochujang in my grocery store, but I wasn't prepared to pay $6 to use 2 tablespoons of it. So I subbed about 2 tbs of red curry paste with a generous squirt of Sriracha. I also used 1/2 tsp. of red chili flakes. This gave it the desired kick! Left out the rice cakes, and didn't feel like I missed them when served in a bed of rice. Not quite made to the letter, but still quite tasty and easy.

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Maangchi’s Cheese Buldak (Fire Chicken) Recipe (2024)


What does buldak mean in Korean? ›

Today's recipe is super-spicy chicken, called buldak in Korean. The Korean word bul means fire, and dak means chicken, so you can call this “fire chicken.”

What is buldak cheese? ›

The best item on the menu is its rendition of buldak, which translates to "fire chicken." It's a simple dish of chargrilled chicken (dak) thighs, slathered in a spicy gochujang-spiked glaze and topped off with a layer of gooey, melted cheese.

What is bull dak? ›

HOT. Spicy chicken stir-fried with rice cakes, onions and hot pepper sauce, topped with thinly sliced scallions, sesame seeds and mozzarella cheese, served with white rice.

What do you serve with buldak? ›

What to serve with buldak chicken
  1. Have it as part of your KBBQ experience.
  2. With buldak noodles for extra spice.
  3. With tteokbokki for a street food feast.
  4. As a topping with rabokki.
  5. Corn cheese because no Korean feast is complete without (pictured below)
  6. On top of mac and kimcheese because cheese and buldak are fire together.
May 16, 2022

Why is Buldak Ramen so addicting? ›

If you've tried buldak (Korean fire chicken) before, you know how addictive this sauce is. This hot chicken sauce has a delicious spicy flavor that stays on your tongue. It's common to find this sauce in ramen, but now you can add it to everything!

Why is Buldak Ramen so addictive? ›

Its incredibly spicy taste makes anyone so hard to finish it but because of this mouth-burning spiciness, it makes the spicy food lovers so addictive to it! It is simply perfect for anyone who loves spicy food!

How do you make cheese buldak taste better? ›

I like to add in some milk to make it extra creamy then a fried egg, cheese slice and some scallions which makes it pure comfort food.

Can I eat Buldak ramen everyday? ›

While instant ramen is not bad for you, it isn't recommended as a single food daily or multiple times per day on its own due to its high-sodium flavoring packet or broth. Adding additional toppings, such as protein and vegetables, to the wheat noodle and broth base can increase its nutrition profile.

Why is Buldak so hot? ›

The 2X Spicy Buldak Ramen is made with a mix of chili powder and red pepper powder, which gives it a unique red color similar to that of other spicy Korean foods like kimchi or bulgogi (grilled beef). The broth itself is made with chicken stock, onions, garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

How many Buldak flavors are there? ›

Exciting Flavor Variety: Indulge in a wide range of flavors with ten different varieties of Buldak Ramen, including Original, 2x Spicy, Cheese, Carbonara, Jjajang, Stew, Corn, Quattro Cheese, Cream Carbonara and Habanero Lime.

What is buldak ramen in english? ›

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen or buldak-bokkeum-myeon (Korean: 불닭볶음면, lit. 'fire chicken stir-fried noodles') is a South Korean brand of instant noodle, produced by Samyang Foods since April 2012. Buldak-bokkeum myeon, also called the Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen, is not only popular in Korea but also worldwide.

What does Samyang mean in Korean? ›

The word "Samyang" consists of : SAM - literally in Korean meaning "three" and representing Heaven, Earth, and Mankind, as they are at the beginning of the Universe. YANG - literally in Korean meaning "nutrition" that is provided to the human being with constant and abundant nutrients.

Is it Samyang or Buldak? ›

South Korean based food brand 'Samyang Foods' is best known as the manufacturer of hot chicken ramen (buldak ramen noodles). The Samyang hot chicken ramen created a wave among Asian food enthusiasts through 'Korean fire noodle challenge'.


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