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Back in the USSR

If you’re the slightest bit interested in puzzle games, you’ll be aware of Tetris games. This block-crunching game is among the most iconic puzzle games ever made. Devised in the Soviet Union by a Russian engineer named Alexey Pajitnov, it holds the distinction of being the first game exported to the United States from the USSR. The game first arrived on the Commodore 64 and the IBM PC in 1986. It has subsequently spawned versions on just about every computer system ever built—including cell phones and pocket calculators. During development, Pajitnov originally envisioned a game that employed blocks of five squares rather than four, but it was decided that four would be just complex enough for a child to grasp. Another wise decision came as a result of the limitations of the text-based screen he was working with. When a line was completed in the original version it didn’t disappear—it stayed on the screen indefinitely. When this was changed, so too did a core gameplay mechanic.

Popularity Contest Winner

The decision to have complete lines vanish was a business decision that catapulted Tetris into the popular consciousness. In the late 1980s Nintendo agreed to bundle the game with every Game Boy console sold. At the time, handheld gaming had yet to take hold—and it took the inclusion of this puzzle classic to ensure the Game Boy’s success. Nowadays, there are countless variants of the classic Tetris formula and countless ways to play the original. The game has sold more than 170 million copies since it was first released, the majority of which have been paid-for downloads. But why are Tetris games so popular? What is it about the block-based puzzle game that has everybody wishing for more? Here are a few reasons why Tetris is the giant that it is today:

  • Tetris is so popular because the simple gameplay means that the game is very accessible, so players of all abilities and ages are able to pick it up and get a handle on it very quickly!
  • For a lot of people there is a nostalgic element to their enjoyment of Tetris. Perhaps they played it growing up or watched parents or older siblings playing it when they were very little. Either way, the game has been very influential ever since its release.
  • The rounds of this game are super speedy, so a lot of people like Tetris because they can fit a couple of games in between other things in their busy lives.
  • Even though the core gameplay mechanics stay the same each game of Tetris is different from the last, which keeps it varied and interesting. If it didn’t go well for you this time, there’s every chance that the next game will!
  • Tetris games are really satisfying when you get them right, so a lot of people find themselves playing again and again for the thrill of seeing that particular block that will allow you to clear a whole block of rows!
  • All of this means that Tetris games can become quite addictive! It feels good in the brain to clear a few rows at once, so if you just missed it this time, why not play just one more game? After all, it’s not like they take much time…

Never Too Much of a Good Thing

Because Tetris is such a classic and popular game, it makes sense that a bunch of different versions have popped up since it was created. All variations on a classic, there are a whole host of different Tetris games to play, ready for every season, mood and inclination. We have lots of different Tetris games for you to try here on GamePix, so it’s worth having a look to see which of them you’d really like to play! If the choices are too overwhelming, however, then here is a list of just a few of the different Tetris games to get you started:

  • Feeling hungry? You definitely will after playing some Chocolate Tetris Game! It’s exactly as it sounds—your reliable old friend Tetris, only reskinned into a chocolate wonderland! Guide the blocks into the right spaces to get them to disappear—if you try really hard, you might even be able to imagine that they’re disappearing straight into your stomach! It’s a chocolate wonderland that Mr. Willy Wonka himself would envy!
  • Hextris is a fun and stylish variation on the Tetris theme! You begin with a hexagon in the center of the screen and rotate it around a fixed point. Lines start falling from different points around the screen, and it’s up to you to rotate your hexagon so that they fall onto the right section! As with normal Tetris, the goal is to keep clearing lines to avoid your stack growing too high. But beware! As is the case with the classic game, the lines start off slow but gradually increase in pace until you are scrambling to keep up—and this is when you are more likely to make mistakes! You’ll need the most dexterous of fingers to register a high score on this game!
  • There are some games in the Tetris genre which have taken the formula in a slightly different direction, and Hexa Blocks is one of those games. You’re given a hexagonal grid made up of smaller hexagons, but rather than blocks falling from above you are given a selection of three blocks below the grid that you have to place yourself. Once you have placed all three, three more will appear, and you’ll have to place those as well. If you like the strategy of Tetris but have always wanted to remove the time element then this might be the Tetris game for you.
  • Is Tetris simply not bling enough for you? Enter Jewel Blocks, the flashy, fancy puzzle game! In a similar way to Hexa Blocks, you place the blocks in the space yourself, rather than positioning ones falling from above as you do in traditional Tetris. This all combines into a satisfying and calming gaming experience, particularly when coupled with the soothing background music! All in all, it’s a great puzzle experience to wind down with after a long day.

These are just a few of the online titles we have to choose from here at GamePix—and once you’ve given those a try, why not spend some time checking out the rest of our catalog? We’re positive you’ll find plenty of other Tetris games you like the look of!


Are there any benefits to playing Tetris?

Contrary to what some people might think, there are certainly some benefits to playing Tetris! Psychologist Richard Haier found that playing the game regularly could enhance players’ memory capacity. Some other researchers have found that the game can be used to curb addictive cravings and can even help to block out painful memories in patients with PTSD. Pretty cool, right?

Where can I play Tetris games online?

Why, right here at GamePix, of course! We’ve got a variety of Tetris games for you to try, and they’re completely free to play online! What’s more, you can play them literally anywhere and anytime. As long as you have a device with an internet connection you can slide and rotate blocks all day long!

What are the most popular tetris?

  • 10x10!
  • 2048 X2 Merge Blocks
  • Block vs Block II
  • DD Blocky
  • Block Puzzle Jewel
  • Hex FRVR
Tetris games 🕹️ | Play For Free on GamePix (2024)


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